[4 Proven Methods] To Find The Best Personal Trainer For You

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find a personal trainer

1000's of beginners are losing motivation and quitting the gym because of their Personal Trainers.

It can be real problem when you show up for a Personal Training session, and you trainer is constantly flexing in the mirror.

Or feeling like death after your trainer delivers an order of 1000 burpees at 5am on a monday morning. 

Picking the right trainer is very simple, you just need to do a little preparation before hand.

With these 4 methods a total beginner can find the right personal trainer in no time.


Method 1 - Get A Referral From A Friend

If your friend finds a great trainer 9/10 they will let you know about them. Unless your friend is a selfish gate keeper, then you'll need a new friend.

A referral removes the guessing game and the stranger danger vibes. Plenty of trust will already be established. You'll feel a lot more comfortable knowing your friend worked with this trainer for a while.

Although a referral is great they're still key questions you need to ask your friend before pulling the trigger on a Trainer.

Key Questions to ask 

  • Do they have a website?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have a Personal Training Certificate?
  • How long have they been training clients?


find a personal trainer

Method 2- Get a Consultation Before Purchasing

Try before you buy ! Don't be scared to ask for a free first session. Most personal trainers offer a free session before you commit to buying a package, but some do not.

In the free session you can get a better idea if this a trainer you can get along and work together with over the course of several weeks.

When you show up for your first session, be confident. Don't be nervous just be yourself, and the session will go smoothly.

Even though the session is free, theres still some points you have to pay attention to...


Key Points During A Consultation

  • Personal Trainer is 100% focused on you
  • Has patience
  • Has plenty of knowledge about proper techniques
  • Making notes of exercises you need to reach your goal
  • Just being a decent human being, and treats you with respect.


find a personal trainer



Method 3 -  Check Online for Reviews

It's 2023 and in todays world 90% of people are smart buyers. One thing about smart buyers do very well is check reviews.

Picking a trainer without checking reviews is the same as going on a blind date. You just hate it. Reputation is key in the Personal Training business. Checking reviews would be similar to running your very own background check.

If the Personal Trainer has a website, then most likely they should have reviews. you can check these websites for reviews.

find a personal trainer


Method 4 - Meeting Trainers in Public

Believe it or not, personal trainers are regular people too, and have regular lives. You just might meet them walking down the street or while having lunch.

If you're an extrovert and talking to strangers and meeting new people comes easy?. Then you just might meet your trainer at your local grocery store, supermarket,  maybe even at your dentist appointment.

The point is, you can meet your trainer anywhere, as long as you interact with people around you in public in a friendly and respectable manner.


Here's a list of Common areas where you can a find a Personal Trainer

  • Coffee Shops
  • Running Trail
  • Park
  • Book Store
  • Supermarket
  • Active Wear Clothing Section
find a personal trainer


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